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Doha Forum: Attaf calls for directing joint efforts towards supporting the Palestinian cause


Doha – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Mr. Ahmed Attaf, called today, Tuesday in Doha, for the necessity of directing joint efforts, first and foremost, towards supporting the Palestinian cause and putting pressure on the Zionist occupation to put an end to its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

In his speech during the third session of the Arab Economic and Cooperation Forum with the countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan, Mr. Attaf pointed out the necessity of directing the joint efforts of the participating countries and peoples, “primarily and foremost towards supporting the Palestinian cause, the most just cause on the face of the planet, the oldest cause in the history of our international organization, and the most prominent.” “An issue that requires the international community’s top priorities at the current critical stage.”

The Minister explained, “This issue today is in dire need of our voices, positions, and individual and collective efforts, with the aim of putting pressure to put an end to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, with the aim of enabling humanitarian relief efforts to fully achieve their goals, and with the aim of stopping the killing, destruction, displacement and starvation affecting our Palestinian brothers.”

Mr. Attaf noted that the time has come for the international community to stand firm on its historical responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, “to lift the injustices and tragedies imposed on them, to dedicate its promises and covenants towards them, and to work towards the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, as the outcome and outcome of any peace process and a just, permanent and final solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict.” “is one of the essential tributaries to the establishment of peace, security and safety throughout the Middle East.”

In the economic field, Mr. Attaf stressed that it is “the field that our countries collectively have assigned a prominent place in this space, as reflected in the name of this forum in itself and the form of participation in it,” noting that “we aspire to succeed in expanding cooperation relations and promoting them to horizons that fully respond to the hopes of our nations And the aspirations of our peoples and make the best use of the great potentials and capabilities that our countries possess and make the best use of the elements of integration that establish a constructive and purposeful partnership and fruitful and profitable cooperation for all.”

The Minister pointed out that “from this perspective, we should keep in mind overcoming the obstacles and obstacles that limit the volume of trade exchanges and weaken the level of intra-investment,” stressing that “trade and investment are two basic pillars for building a sustainable relationship that benefits both sides and all parties.” concerned and committed to them.”

Regarding the humanitarian aspect, Mr. Attaf expressed his pride in the “authentic and inherent cultural, religious and civilizational commonalities that bring together the countries participating in this space that must be built upon and invested in to dissolve differences, close distances, and spread the values, principles and ideals in which we share belief and share a commitment to dedicate them in the service of an international system dominated by Justice and fairness, in which everyone adheres to the right and the law, and in which “each of our countries undertakes its responsibilities towards it,” and “it dictates to us a primary concern, which is to ensure security, safety, development, and well-being for all without exception.”

From this standpoint, the Minister stressed Algeria’s commitment to engage, with all honesty and sincerity, in this collective effort and in this unique and unique framework, which constitutes a promising model of fruitful dialogue, constructive consultation, purposeful coordination, and sure and beneficial cooperation.



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