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Attaf at a ministerial meeting on means of implementing the two-state solution and recognition of the State of Palestine


ALGIERS – Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, took part, Monday evening in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), in a ministerial meeting devoted to examining the means of implementing the two-state solution and recognition of the State of Palestine, The Ministry said in a statement.

The meeting, which saw the participation of foreign ministers from a group of Arab countries, members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and European countries, focused on “the means and prospects of acceleration of the implementation of the two-state solution and the recognition of the Palestinian state as a just, lasting and definitive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict,” the statement said.

In a speech delivered during this meeting, Mr. Attaf affirmed that “the establishment of the independent and sovereign Palestinian State remains the very essence of any solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict”, adding that this is “the main and inescapable challenge and the sine qua non condition for any serious peace process,” the document added.

The minister recalled, in this context, the historical facts linked to the Palestinian question, starting with UN resolution 181, emphasizing “the impossibility of achieving peace and security in the Middle East without allowing the Palestinians to exercise their legitimate rights, at their head the inalienable right to the establishment of their independent and sovereign State, with El-Quds as its capital.

Mr. Attaf further stressed that it is encouraging to see more and more countries committing to recognizing the Palestinian state, calling on them to “realize this important and crucial step towards achieving security and peace in the Middle East and the safeguarding of the two-state solution, prey to systematic undermining by the occupying authority,” concluded the press release.



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