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The European Union is called for collective coordination on the issue of recognition of the State of Palestine


Brussels – European Council President Charles Michel urged the European Union countries wishing to recognize the State of Palestine to coordinate and move jointly in order to “make significant progress” in building peace in the region, which is witnessing the ugliest aggression launched by the Zionist entity against the Gaza Strip in more than six months.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Michel proposed “coordination at the European Union level” among member states prepared to formally recognize a sovereign Palestinian state.

In this context, Michel, charged with formulating a consensus among all 27 European Union leaders, suggested that other like-minded countries from outside the bloc join the initiative to recognize the State of Palestine, calling on the European Union to use the available “tools”, such as the Association Agreement Between the European Union and the Zionist entity to ensure the latter’s compliance with the rule of law and international humanitarian law.

Michel explained that “this partnership agreement takes into account respect for the rule of law and international law, including international humanitarian law.”

On the other hand, Michel admitted that the European Union’s joint call for a ceasefire in Gaza “took a lot of time,” but he expressed his confidence that there will be a “moment” in which conditions are appropriate for coordination among member states to officially recognize the Palestinian state.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese, said last Tuesday that the European Union must stop trade relations with the Zionist entity to deter war crimes and genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The issue of recognizing the State of Palestine has gained momentum in the past weeks, as Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium, and Malta announced their readiness to activate this measure.

This comes at a time when international pressure is increasing on the United States and Germany to suspend arms sales to the Zionist entity, which has increased especially since this entity began its genocidal war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October.



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