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Palestine: 9,000 patients require emergency medical evacuation from Gaza


GENEVA – Some 9,000 Palestinian patients from the Gaza Strip must be urgently evacuated for treatment, the Palestinian territory having only 10 hospitals left, all of which are operating at minimum, the head of the WHO demanded on Saturday.

“With only 10 hospitals operating at minimum capacity across Gaza, thousands of patients continue to be deprived of health care,” warned the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on X.

Before the ongoing barbaric Zionist aggression, Ghaza had 36 hospitals, according to WHO figures.

“About 9,000 patients need to be urgently evacuated abroad for vital health services, including treatment of cancer, bombing injuries, kidney dialysis and other chronic illnesses,” he underlines.

This is 1,000 more than at the last WHO census at the beginning of March.

The Gaza Strip is the subject of an almost complete blockade and NGOs such as the UN denounce the Zionist entity which does not facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid on which most of the approximately 2.4 million people depend, inhabitants who still live in the Palestinian enclave and are mainly concentrated in the south in and around the town of Rafah.

The WHO boss said that so far “more than 3,400 patients have been referred abroad via Rafah, including 2,198 injured and 1,215 sick.” “But many others must be evacuated Every moment counts,” he stressed.



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