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Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor: The Zionist entity uses starvation as a weapon of war in Gaza


Geneva – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory confirmed that levels of food insecurity are steadily worsening throughout the Gaza Strip as a result of the Zionist occupation’s insistence on committing the crime of starvation and using it as a weapon of war, within the framework of its broader crime of genocide against the Palestinians in the Strip, including preventing and restricting the entry Humanitarian supplies, closing crossings, and imposing a tight siege.

The Observatory highlighted, in a statement, the recording of about 49 deaths among children in the Gaza Strip due to hunger and food insecurity, while 3,500 children face the risk of death due to malnutrition and lack of nutritional supplements and vaccinations, which has left them emaciated, acutely weak, and epidemics, as they suffer severely from thin bodies. And pale and faded faces.

The statement stressed that urgent international action must be taken to ensure that humanitarian operations in the Gaza Strip are fully facilitated, including removing all obstacles and restrictions to humanitarian supplies, and allowing the entry of life-saving materials and their movement through crossings and land roads in an immediate, rapid and effective manner, including the entry of basic food items. and non-food items necessary to respond to the health and environmental disaster in an immediate, safe and effective manner, including to the north of the Strip.

Since October 7, 2023, the Zionist occupation has launched a devastating aggression against the Gaza Strip, leaving more than 37,000 martyrs, more than 86,000 wounded, and creating an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe that has caused the displacement of more than 85 percent of the Strip’s population, which is equivalent to 1.9 million people.



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