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Arab Summit: Emphasis on the necessity of stopping the Zionist aggression against Gaza and lifting the siege imposed on it


Manama – The final statement of the Arab Summit at its 33rd regular session in the Bahraini capital, Manama today, stressed the necessity of stopping the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, lifting the siege imposed on it, and the withdrawal of the occupation forces from all areas of the Strip.

The statement issued by the Arab Summit called for removing all obstacles, opening all crossings to humanitarian aid, and enabling United Nations organizations, especially the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), to work and providing them with financial support to carry out their responsibilities freely and safely.

The Arab countries renewed their categorical rejection of any attempts to forcibly displace the Palestinian people from their land in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, calling for urgent measures to be taken for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, to end the aggression in the Gaza Strip, and to provide protection for civilians.

In this context, it condemned the occupation’s obstruction of ceasefire efforts in Gaza and its continued military escalation, by expanding its aggression against the Palestinian city of Rafah, despite international warnings of the disastrous humanitarian consequences.

The Arab countries also condemned the occupation’s control over the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, with the aim of tightening the siege on civilians in the Strip, which led to the crossing’s operation stopping and the flow of humanitarian aid.

The Bahrain Declaration called on the international community to implement the Security Council resolutions issued since the beginning of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, including Resolution 2720, and urged the United Nations Chief Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs to expedite the establishment and activation of the international mechanism that the resolution stipulated establishing inside Gaza, to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid and overcome All the obstacles imposed by the occupation to their entry are in sufficient quantity to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe that the Strip is suffering from.

It also called on the international community to fulfill its legal obligations and take decisive measures to end the Zionist occupation of the Arab territories occupied in June 1967, including the occupied Syrian Golan and southern Lebanon, and implement the relevant Security Council resolutions.

The statement welcomed the decision of the United Nations General Assembly at its meeting, last Friday, regarding the request of the State of Palestine for full membership in the United Nations, with the support of 143 countries, calling on the UN Security Council to reconsider its decision issued in this regard at its session on April 18, which came at the request of Algeria. .

The statement also expressed its full solidarity with the brotherly Republic of Sudan, in preserving its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and preserving Sudanese state institutions, calling for a commitment to implementing the Jeddah Declaration in order to reach a ceasefire that guarantees the opening of humanitarian relief paths and the protection of civilians.

Regarding the Libyan issue, the participants expressed their full support for the state of Libya, its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, the cessation of interference in its internal affairs, the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from its territory within a specific time frame, and efforts to reach a political settlement, consistent with the terms of reference for the solution, leading to the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections Simultaneously, as soon as possible, and unify state institutions to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people.



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