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Algeria expresses its hope that the support provided by the Security Council will extend to include the violations in occupied Palestine


New York (United Nations) – Algeria expressed on Tuesday, its hope that the support provided by members of the Security Council would extend to the work of the International Criminal Court to include other issues, including violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, including mass graves in the Gaza Strip, calling for the need to deal with Keep criminal tracks away from any politicization and avoid exploiting them for pressure to achieve political gains or concessions.

The Algerian mission to the United Nations said, during a UN Security Council session on Libya, that Algeria condemns all crimes committed “no matter who committed them and whoever the victim,” and stresses that the principle of non-impunity is one of the most important pillars on which Algeria rests, “which is what “It should be the compass that guides the international community and the International Criminal Court in the face of all crimes committed in our world.”

The Algerian mission added that criminal action is purely technical, “based on evidence, and it should not be politicized in order to ensure its success. Accordingly, Algeria “calls for dealing with criminal processes away from any politicization and avoiding exploiting them to pressure in order to achieve political gains and concessions.”

In this context, Algeria expressed its hope that the support provided by Council members for the work of the International Criminal Court would extend to include other cases in light of the threats to which the court is exposed as a result of its investigations into cases related to the crimes of the Zionist occupation. “It also expects the same seriousness from it in dealing with Violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, including mass graves in Gaza.”

Algeria considered this matter “necessary so that the Criminal Court proves to the world that it is not a means in the hands of some members of the international community, with which they threaten whomever they want and whenever they want in a situation that only further demonstrates the right to denounce the policy of double standards.”

During its talk about the situation in Libya, the mission reiterated Algeria’s emphasis that “supporting stability in this country and finding a comprehensive political solution to get out of the bottleneck is the only way to ensure justice, accountability and the rule of law.”

The mission stated that what is happening in Libya is a shared responsibility among all members of the international community (…), pointing out that “the continued flow of weapons, in which many countries are involved, prolongs the crisis and fuels violence throughout the country.”



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