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Ambassador Bendjama to the Security Council: The A3+ group expresses its “concern” regarding the prevailing situation in Syria


New York (United Nations) – The Permanent Mission of Algeria to the United Nations, intervening on behalf of the A3+ group (Algeria, Guyana, Mozambique and Sierra Leone), expressed on Thursday the concern of this group with the prevailing situation in Syria.

In this regard, Algeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Amar Bendjama, confirmed that “the situation in Syria raises great concern for the A3+ group.”

In a statement read by the representative of Algeria, the group expressed its “deep concern” regarding the recent escalation of violence in Syria, noting in particular “the many events that occurred during recent weeks, especially in the north” of this country.

The same group added, “We believe that the situation may deteriorate further without a consultative effort from the concerned parties and the international community.”

It also expressed its “concern at the violations committed against Syria’s sovereignty,” denouncing those attacks that “undermine regional peace and security,” and calling for “total respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The same group called on “all parties” to exercise restraint to avoid “deterioration of the regional situation,” expressing its conviction that the solution to the Syrian crisis “will only be political.”

They added that this solution is necessary to “guarantee the sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity of Syria in accordance with Regulation No. 2254 (2015) issued by the UN Security Council, and it must be based on a comprehensive political path under Syrian supervision.”

In this regard, Ambassador Bendjama called for the resumption of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, calling on the various parties to support the efforts of the UN Special Envoy for Syria in order to be able to take measures that would establish a climate of trust.

He also urged the international community and “key actors” to play a constructive role in Syria and help its people return to peace and stability. In this regard, the Algerian diplomat gave an overview supported by numbers about the tragic situation that the Syrian people are experiencing.

He continued, “At a time when we are negotiating (at the United Nations) on the subject of the statement about future generations, it is important to take into account that the decisions we take today will have an impact on future generations in Syria.”

In this regard, Mr. Bendjama, quoting the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, pointed out that “6.3 million Syrian children today need protection, and another million children are at risk of leaving school, and more than half a million may not receive a vaccine, and another half million.” Of children need vital treatment due to acute malnutrition.

He also considered that the situation in Syria may deteriorate further, with hundreds of health facilities and medical teams threatened to go out of service due to the lack of funding, “which will deprive 14.9 million people of treatment and food assistance.”

He added, “This situation could lead to repercussions for many generations and requires deep thinking from the international community,” calling for quick action to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. In this regard, he stressed that “with 16.7 million people in need, half of whom are women, Syria will not be able to rely only on humanitarian assistance, but it must also benefit from support that can strengthen its economy.”

He continued by saying that Syria cannot rely completely on humanitarian assistance, but it needs support to revive its economy, calling on the international community to carry out, together with the United Nations and the Syrians, work aimed at ensuring the rapid recovery of the Syrian economy. Mr. BenJama added, “There is no solid peace without development, and there are no prospects for development without peace.”

Finally, he concluded by calling on the Syrians, on behalf of the A3+ group, to overcome their differences and embark on a constructive political path initiated by Syria and with the support of the international community, a path that aims to “guarantee Syria’s unity, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”



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