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The United Nations Human Rights Council adopts a resolution to stop any arms sales to the Zionist entity


Geneva – On Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution to stop any arms sales to the Zionist entity, warning of the possibility of “genocide” operations against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The UN Council’s adoption of the resolution, which was submitted by Pakistan on behalf of 55 out of 56 countries in the United Nations that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, with the exception of Albania, came with a majority of 28 votes, 6 countries opposed, and 13 countries abstained from voting, knowing that it received support from Bolivia and Cuba. And the State of Palestine.

The UN Human Rights Council called on the Zionist entity to “end its occupation of the Palestinian territories and immediately stop its illegal siege of the Gaza Strip, and any other form of collective punishment.”

The Human Rights Council also called in its resolution, which was previously supported by 18 of the 47 member states, to “cease all transfers of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment” to the Zionist entity, focusing on “the impact of explosive weapons on hospitals, schools, shelters, and the supply of Gaza with water and electricity.

In this context, the Council condemned “resorting to starvation of civilians as a means of war” and the actions of the Zionist occupation “which could amount to ethnic cleansing,” calling for “an immediate ceasefire.”

Based on this logic, the United Nations Human Rights Council urged all concerned countries to “prevent the forced displacement of Palestinians inside the Gaza Strip,” calling on the Zionist entity to “stop expanding its settlements in the Palestinian territories.” The resolution adopted today also called for ensuring that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) receives adequate funding.

Urgent demands to stop supplying weapons to the Zionist entity

The adoption of the resolution by the UN Human Rights Council comes in light of increasing international demands for the need to stop the military support used by the Zionist entity to commit more crimes and practice genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, in flagrant violation of all international norms and laws.

International voices have risen calling for an end to the sale of all types of weapons to the Zionist entity, in light of the continuing barbaric and brutal aggression of the Zionist occupation against the Gaza Strip, as Algeria has long warned the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of the possibility of the Zionist entity resorting to the use of chemical weapons in its aggression against the Gaza Strip, stressing that Its Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ammar Ben Jama, said that condemning the nuclear threats of the Zionist entity, “especially the threat to use nuclear weapons on Gaza, must be embodied in concrete actions.”

After Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the Japanese “Itochu” company, which suspended the transfer of weapons to the Zionist entity, Canada joined the ranks of countries that stopped military support for the Zionist entity, which has killed and continues to kill innocent Palestinian lives, as it announced that it will “completely” ban arms sales to the Zionist entity. After the Canadian Parliament voted by a majority of 204 votes in favor of the proposal to stop arms sales, which included a clause calling for support for “the establishment of the State of Palestine” in coordination with Canada’s international partners.

In a related development, more than 130 British MPs called, through a letter addressed to the Foreign Minister, David Cameron, and the Minister of Business and Trade, Kimi Badenoch, to impose a ban on arms sales to the Zionist entity, with the need to take immediate action to suspend arms export licenses to the entity. Zionist. In turn, the Scottish Prime Minister, Hamza Yousef, renewed the demand that the British government stop arms sales to the Zionist entity, stressing that continuing with the matter “makes Britain risk becoming a partner in the killing of innocent civilians,” while the political class called on Parliament to convene to discuss the issue of banning arms exports to the entity. Zionist.

More than 30 independent UN experts considered the transfer of weapons or ammunition to the Zionist entity and their use in Gaza a “violation of international humanitarian law,” stressing the need to stop them immediately and that “such transfer of weapons and ammunition is prohibited even if the exporting country does not intend to use the weapons in Violating the law, or knowing with certainty that it will be used in such a way as long as there is a clear danger of doing so.”

Calls from other exporting countries to immediately halt the transfer of weapons to the Zionist occupation, including export licenses and military aid, are becoming louder.



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