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UK | The Scottish Prime Minister once again calls on Britain to stop arms sales to the Zionist entity


Edinburgh – Scottish Prime Minister, Hamza Yousuf, renewed his country’s demand to stop arms sales to the Zionist entity, stressing that proceeding with the matter “makes Britain at risk on becoming a partner in the killing of innocent civilians.”

Local media reported Hamza Yusuf’s letter to the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, in which he mentioned a similar letter he sent to the government on February 23, “except that the British government did not take any steps” toward stopping the sale of weapons to the Zionist entity, according to what was stated in his new letter. , in which he pointed out the killing of 7 relief workers in Gaza, including Britons, as a result of an aerial bombardment by the Zionist occupation of the “World Central Kitchen” relief organization.

Hamza Yousef said: “I noticed your statement calling for an urgent investigation into the killing of foreign employees in Gaza, but more than 190 humanitarian workers have died in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict. It does not seem that there will be an end,” adding, “There is no accountability, There are few or no indications that the Zionist entity has taken into account the International Court of Justice and the recent resolution of the UN Security Council.

The Scottish Prime Minister criticized the British government’s failure to cancel export licenses for defense industry companies located in the United Kingdom to the Zionist entity, despite the ongoing Zionist occupation aggression against civilians, hospitals and relief volunteers, stressing that “enough is enough” and that the Zionist occupation must be held accountable for its actions.

It is noteworthy that the health authorities announced today, Thursday, that the death toll from the ongoing aggression since October 7 had risen to 33,037 martyrs and 75,668 injured. The majority of them are children and women, since the start of the Zionist occupation aggression on the seventh of last October, in addition to the number of casualties reaching 75,668, while thousands of victims are still under the rubble.

The Zionist occupation continues its brutal and barbaric aggression against the Gaza Strip, despite the adoption of a resolution by the Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.



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