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Algeria strongly condemns the plan to confiscate the premises of its Embassy in Morocco


ALGIERS – Algeria condemned on Sunday, “in the strongest terms”, the plan to confiscate the premises of the Algerian State Embassy in Morocco, affirming that the Algerian government “will respond to these provocations by all means as he deems appropriate.

“The Kingdom of Morocco has engaged in a new escalatory phase in its provocative behavior towards Algeria. These new provocations have recently manifested themselves through the project of confiscation of the premises of the State Embassy Algerian in Morocco”, indicates a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad.

Algeria considers that “there is an unspeakable violation of respect and the duty of protection with regard to the diplomatic representations of sovereign States which are protected by both international law and custom”, adds the press release, noting in this regard meaning, that “the Moroccan project which contravenes civilized international practices seriously deviates from the obligations of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations which require it to respect and protect the Embassies on its territory whatever the circumstances” .

“Algeria condemns this spoliation operation characterized in the strongest terms,” underlines the press release, affirming that “it also strongly denounces its illegality and incompatibility with the duties assumed by any Member State of the international community with rigor and responsibility.

“The Algerian Government will respond to these provocations by all means it deems appropriate.

Algeria will resort to all legal channels and means available, particularly within the framework of the United Nations to ensure respect for its interests,” the press release concludes.



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