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European parliamentarians call for the use of the necessary mechanisms to ensure respect for the rights of the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories


Brussels – European representatives called during a symposium hosted by the European Parliament yesterday evening for the need for the European Parliament to use the necessary mechanisms to ensure respect for the rights of the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories and to continue pressuring Morocco to put an end to its intransigent stance towards international legitimacy.

During the symposium, which was organized within the framework of joint coordination between the central representation of the Polisario Front in Europe, the European institutions and the political forces forming the European Parliament, the procedures and methods that must be taken in light of the continued Moroccan exploitation of Sahrawi natural resources were discussed and mechanisms were put in place to confront it during the next session of the European Parliament.

The Sahrawi Ambassador in charge of Europe and European institutions, member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front, Mr. Mansour Omar, gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation on the conflict in Western Sahara, highlighting the great challenges faced by the Sahrawi people.

The Sahrawi diplomat also highlighted in particular the legal battle in European courts and the scandals in which the occupation regime was involved in European institutions through collusion and exploitation of Sahrawi wealth without the consent of its exclusive owner, the Sahrawi people, through its sole legitimate representative, the Polisario Front.

For their part, the members of the European Parliament participating in the meeting stressed “the urgent need to implement concrete measures whose primary goal is to pave the way for the next parliamentary session, in order to maintain pressure on Morocco, put an end to its stubborn stance towards international legitimacy, and address the phenomenon of impunity in light of the regime’s silence.” International”.

At the conclusion of the symposium, the representative of the Polisario Front in Europe and the European institutions, accompanied by the European Parliamentarian and Vice-President of the Joint Group to Support the Sahrawi People, Manu Pineda, and a member of the Federation of Catalan Associations, Friends of the Sahrawi People, Sonia Herrero, held a press conference during which the measures that must be taken were announced.

In the face of blatant Moroccan arrogance and intransigence, a member of the European Parliament, Manu Pineda, announced that two initiatives will soon be implemented against the Moroccan regime’s interference in European institutions and the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

For his part, Mansour Omar stressed that the Polisario Front will continue to adhere to “international legitimacy” in the face of any aggression against the sovereignty and independence of the Sahrawi people.

The representative of the Federation of Catalan Associations of Friends of the Sahrawi People, Sonia Herrero, focused on the situation of exploitation of the Sahrawi people’s natural resources and the violation of international legitimacy by European companies, saying, “We have come so that the European Parliament uses the necessary mechanisms to ensure respect for the rights of the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories.”

The symposium was also attended by a delegation from Spain representing civil society and the Solidarity Movement with the Sahrawi People, which brought together a meeting with European representatives where the situation in the occupied territories and the plundering of the natural resources of the Sahrawi people by the occupation regime and European companies were denounced.



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