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Fight against terrorism: Algeria reiterates its willingness to share its expertise


NEW YORK – Ambassador Amar Bendjama led a public meeting in New York on Wednesday on the implementation by the States of South-Eastern Europe of the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Committee’s recommendations.

The meeting, which is part of the work program of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council, of which Algeria holds the presidency, was an opportunity for the Representative of Algeria to express Algeria’s condolences to the victims of the latest terrorist attack in Burkina Faso, before welcoming the efforts made by the countries of the region to combat the terrorist threat.

He also underlined the importance of regional and international cooperation in this fight, drawing on Algeria’s experience in the fight against the scourge of terrorism.

While recognizing the relatively low risk of terrorist attacks currently in Southeast Europe, Ambassador Bendjama said Algeria shares concerns raised regarding organized criminal and trafficking networks in the region, which could facilitate the financing of terrorism and recruitment. “Constant vigilance is essential,” he insisted.

He reiterated, on this occasion, Algeria’s readiness to share its expertise in implementing a comprehensive and rules-based approach to combat terrorism, with interested countries in the region, as well as its commitment to cooperate to address the interconnected threats of terrorism, organized crime and human trafficking.

This meeting was an opportunity for representatives of countries in the region to make their contributions in this briefing by highlighting the threats they face and the efforts deployed in this area.

The debate was also enriched by contributions from the Under-Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office (UNOCT) and the Assistant to the UN Secretary-General and the Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee.

The Counter-Terrorism Committee was established under Resolution 1373 adopted by the Security Council in 2001, with the aim of monitoring the implementation of this resolution by Member States. It works closely with countries to help them implement UN resolutions on the fight against terrorism.

By currently chairing the Committee, Algeria plays a central role in monitoring the implementation of anti-terrorism resolutions by States.

Its recognized experience in this area gives it certain credibility to promote a global approach to combating the terrorist threat.



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