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Violation of the peace agreement in Mali: The European Union expresses its regret over Bamako’s decision


Brussels – The European Union expressed, on Monday, its “regret” over the decision taken by the transitional authorities in Mali to veto the peace and reconciliation agreement in Mali that emerged from the Algerian peace agreement, warning of its consequences.

In a memorandum issued by the External Action Service, the European Union pointed out “the consequences of the unilateral decision” by the transitional authorities in Bamako on “the civilian population in the north,” as well as “the negative impact that this rupture could have on all national and regional balances, while “No real alternative to the 2015 peace agreement has yet emerged.”

The memorandum concluded that “the European Union remains convinced of the necessity of giving priority to the comprehensive dialogue advocated by Algeria, as the head of the (international) mediation group, to resolve differences and promote the establishment of a lasting peace in northern Mali.”



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