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G77+China Summit: total commitment to the principles of “The Charter of Algiers”


KAMPALA – The heads of state and government of the G77+China member countries participating in the 3 Southern Summit in Uganda reaffirmed their total commitment to the principles of the “Charter of Algiers” which established 60 years ago , the foundations of integration, unity, complementarity, cooperation and solidarity between the countries of the South.

The final communiqué of the Summit held on January 21 and 22 in Kampala and placed under the theme “Leave no one behind”, with the participation of the Prime Minister, Mr. Nadir Larbaoui, as representative of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, highlighted the “total commitment” of the members of the G77+China to the principles of this coalition and the defense and promotion of their common interests within the framework of concrete international cooperation for development.

The final document recalled the first ministerial meeting of the group, held in Algiers in October 1964 and sanctioned by the adoption of “the Charter of Algiers”, knowing that the 3rd Summit of the South having coincided with the 60th anniversary of the creation of G77+China

This Charter established “the principles of unity, complementarity, cooperation and solidarity between the countries of the South, and strengthened their determination to achieve economic and social development individually or collectively”, specifies the final communiqué.

On this occasion, the assembled leaders expressed their conviction about the need to “chart a new course” for the group, particularly in an international context, characterized by multidimensional crises and new challenges.

The G77+ China adopted several proposals and opinions announced by the President of the Republic in his speech addressed to the participants in the Kampala meeting, including the call “to strengthen the interests of the countries of the South and their common capacity for negotiation within of the United Nations system. Furthermore, the group also welcomed “the Algiers Declaration” concerning the development of startups, adopted during the African Startup Conference held in Algiers in December 2023, especially since Algeria proposed, during of the work of the Kampala Summit, the creation of a center of excellence for promoting the successful experiences of innovative startups in the countries of the South.

In the same context, the G77 +China sent direct and strong messages to developed countries, calling on them to “take primary responsibility for financing development”, emphasizing that this is an “imperative to address imbalances current development trends and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

It also stressed that cooperation between countries of the South “does not replace North-South cooperation, but complements it.”

The final communiqué of the 3rd South Summit insisted on the importance of “providing sufficient means for the implementation of the sustainable development plan for 2030”, calling on developed countries to “engage in a new phase of international cooperation through a strengthened and expanded global partnership for development.

It thus insisted on the importance of cooperation between the countries of the South being one of the forms of “solidarity between peoples and nations”, affirming that this cooperation and its agenda “must be defined by the countries of the South” .

Evoking the economic, social and environmental impact of climate change, desertification and land degradation in Africa, the final communiqué called for supporting the implementation of initiatives aimed at strengthening the adaptive capacity of agriculture in Africa.

The final communiqué also addressed the issue of global trade, calling for a “multilateral, open, transparent, inclusive and non-discriminatory global trading system, where development will be the first priority, in addition to trade liberalization.” The group finally called for “facilitating” the accession of developing countries to the World Trade Organization, urging members of this organization to undertake the “necessary reforms” to this end.

Permanent and principled support for the right of the Palestinian people and colonized peoples to self-determination

On the other hand, the G77 + China stressed the need to respect the right of peoples living under colonial or foreign occupation and any other form of foreign domination, to self-determination, considering that “there can be no development sustainable without peace, or peace without sustainable development.

The group also “reiterated its permanent and principled support” for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the realization of their legitimate national aspirations, including freedom, peace and dignity in their independent Palestinian state with El Quds. as capital, in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions.

In the same wake, the G77 + China denounced “the systematic and flagrant violations” of international law committed by the Zionist entity, calling “to comply with international law and demand accountability”.

The group also deplored “the terrible humanitarian catastrophe, the conditions and the disastrous economic and social situation”, which the Palestinian people are suffering, including “the extreme poverty, the number of deaths and the unprecedented destruction”.

In this regard, it called for “trying the perpetrators of these violations”, urging the Security Council to “make serious efforts to execute its decisions in order to put an end to the impunity enjoyed by the Zionist entity and contribute to achieving a just and peaceful settlement of the Palestinian question.”



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