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Senior security officials in Morocco subject of an international arrest warrant


Rabat – Moroccan media reports reported that a court in the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, issued international arrest warrants against senior Moroccan security officials, on charges of planning an assassination attempt in Cyprus.

The same sources explained, based on legal documents, that on December 18, 2023, the aforementioned court issued an international arrest warrant against the Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance in Morocco, Abdel Latif Hamouchi, the Director General of the Judicial Police, Mohamed Al-Dakhisi, the lawyer Abdel Fattah Zahrash, and YouTuber Mohamed Tohfa, accused of planning the assassination of Moroccan human rights activist Amal Boussaada, because of her positions and support for the former Minister of Human Rights, Mohamed Zayan, who is in prison for exposing the corruption and tyranny of the Makhzen regime.

Media reports indicated that the so-called Muhammad Tuhfa was posting video clips on social media attacking the human rights activist Bousaada and accusing her of “immoral” matters, as is customary with the Makhzanian media, which is adept at “slandering” and “defaming” opponents.

According to the information available from sources in the Moroccan security services – reported by the Moroccan media – there is an order to go to Greek Cyprus to search for a criminal file related to senior security officials against whom international arrest warrants have been issued in the year 2023.

Over the past months, there have been official negotiations through mediators – according to press sources – “in order to close this international criminal case, including, for example, an official of the constitutional consultative institutions.”

In this context, some Italian journalists went to Nicosia in order to communicate with one of the large press unions to inquire about the issue and obtain official approval to research the details of the case.

According to the same sources, a senior lawyer was assigned to obtain the legal copies at the Nicosia Court, which issued the international arrest warrants, highlighting that “after days of research and investigation, shocking facts were reached by all standards, because the matter concerns Abdel Latif Al-Hamoushi and Muhammad Al-Dakhisi,” adding To lawyer Abdel Fattah Zahrash and YouTuber Mohamed Tohfa.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Abdellatif Hammouchi has faced charges in cases related to human rights violations. In 2015, the Paris Public Prosecution sent the Moroccan judicial authorities “an official notification with the aim of prosecuting” the Director General of the Moroccan Police, who was then serving as Director of The Intelligence Service, following allegations of torture filed against him by Moroccan nationals in France.



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