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The Israeli occupation army uses AI for war for the first time


The Israeli occupation Army is using the artificial intelligence system “Evangelion” to direct attacks against Hamas. According to the British newspaper The Guardian and the Israeli publication Local Call, the system contains data on 30-40 thousand people whom the IDF classifies as militants, and provides the coordinates of their residential buildings for a possible attack.

A Former Israeli army commander previously noted that before the introduction of AI, the IDF detected about 50 targets in the Gaza Strip per year, while with the help of the system, the number of detected targets increased to one hundred daily. He also expressed concerns about the development of this area.

Senior Hamas leaders fled into tunnels immediately after the attacks began, sources told The Guardian, and the AI system allowed the IDF to detect lesser militants living in houses throughout the Gaza Strip. This led to many houses being designated for bombing, resulting in the death of all those living in them.

Operators of the Evangelion system are making preliminary estimates of the number of civilians who could die as a result of the strike.

The final decision to strike is made by the unit commander on duty. One operator who left the Israeli army in 2021 told The Guardian that some commanders were more prone to use violence than others.


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