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Palestine| For the 44th day in a row the Zionist entity continues its barbaric aggression against Gaza Strip The West Bank


Algiers- The barbaric Zionist aggression against the West Bank and Gaza Strip continues for the 44th day in a row, leaving 12,415 martyrs, about 32,500 wounded, and thousands of missing people, including martyrs of the heinous crime committed by the occupation army yesterday, Saturday, when it targeted the “Al-Fakhoura” and “Tal Al-Zaatar” schools in the northern Gaza Strip. , which was followed by international reactions of condemnation.

Today, Sunday, at least 74 Palestinians were martyred in a series of Zionist air attacks on the central and northern Gaza Strip and on various areas, including the Nuseirat camp.

Local Palestinian sources reported that Zionist warplanes destroyed 4 mosques in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Thus, the occupation forces targeted more than 190 mosques in the Strip, completely destroying 56 of them.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced this afternoon the evacuation of 31 premature babies from the Shifa Complex in Gaza City, in preparation for their transfer to the hospital in Rafah, in coordination with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Yesterday morning, the Zionist occupation expelled more than 500 sick and wounded people, exhausted by hunger, thirst and pain, and forced them to evacuate Al-Shifa Medical Complex under threat of gun and death, to become in the street in dire need of urgent health and medical care, especially since the majority of them are in serious condition. .

The World Health Organization said that its humanitarian assessment team visited Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza and saw the effects of Zionist bombing and gunfire, describing the place as a “death zone.”

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights appealed to all international organizations, bodies and institutions to put pressure at the highest levels to liberate Al-Shifa Hospital, protect all health institutions besieged by the Zionist occupation soldiers in the Gaza Strip, and urgently supply them with fuel so that they can return to performing their humanitarian and medical mission.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates warned of the consequences of the occupation army committing more mass massacres against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip in general and in the northern regions of the Strip in particular, as an integral part of the crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

International reactions continue in the city to the bombing of the “Al-Fakhoura” and “Tal Al-Zaatar” schools.

Yesterday, the Zionist occupation army committed a new massacre against the displaced people in the “Al-Fakhoura” school affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, in addition to bombing the “Tal Al-Zaatar” school in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Palestinians.

International reactions condemned this massacre, as the Regional Office for Arab States of the United Nations Population Fund wrote, in a blog post on its account on the “X” platform: “We strongly condemn the bombing of United Nations schools and the targeted killing of innocent Palestinians who are taking shelter in Al-Fakhoura School,” adding, “Stop the killing.” Now, let the shooting stop now.”

Jassim Mohammed Al-Budaiwi, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, also expressed his strong condemnation and deep denunciation of the bombing of the “Al-Fakhoura” and “Tal Al-Zaatar” schools, stressing that this aggressive act, “which targeted innocent civilians, represents a clear violation of international and humanitarian laws and treaties.” “It is inconsistent with all moral and human values.”

For its part, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) affirmed in a statement that “the continuation of this brutal behavior, which does not differentiate between educational and health facilities and military barracks, demonstrates the occupation’s insistence on violating all international laws and norms and mocking the rising positions everywhere against these actions.” “Barbarism, which has become a disgrace to humanity, as no force has ever used its military machinery with such aggression against children, schools, and hospitals, indicating a clear setback in values and behavior that has never been witnessed in time.”

In turn, the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, in a statement, in the name of the League and its international councils, bodies and councils, denounced these “horrific and continuing barbaric crimes against civilians and civilian facilities,” stressing that what happened “represents a blatant violation of all international and humanitarian laws and norms.”

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned, on Sunday, this attack carried out by the occupation, which constitutes “further evidence that it directly targets civilians, especially children, in Gaza, deliberately and mercilessly.” Yesterday, Saturday, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif called on the free people of the world to expose the “terrorism” practiced by the Zionist entity in the Gaza Strip, denouncing the massacres of the “Al-Fakhoura” and “Tal Al-Zaatar” schools, while the Arab Parliament affirmed that this bombing is “another full-fledged war crime, requiring… International investigation and holding perpetrators accountable.”



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