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The 35th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Palestine: Algeria has always been a true supporter of the Palestinian people


Algiers – The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Algeria, Fayez Abu Aita, confirmed Wednesday in Algiers, that Algeria, which in 1988 witnessed the declaration of the establishment of the State of Palestine, has always been a true supporter of the Palestinian people, who will not kneel or submit to the Zionist occupation until all their lands are liberated and their state is established and Independent.

In his intervention during the Memory Forum, organized by the Meshaal Martyr Association and Al-Mujahid newspaper, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the declaration of the establishment of the State of Palestine in Algeria, the Palestinian ambassador highlighted that the declaration of the establishment of the Palestinian State from Algeria “did not come by chance or out of nowhere, but rather came after a long history of support and support.” He said:

“Algeria was a true supporter of the Palestinian people and had no special agendas and never used the Palestinian card for its personal calculations.”

He added: “The late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat’s announcement of the establishment of the Palestinian state from Algeria was a historic day par excellence,” stressing that it marked the beginning of Palestine’s entry into the portal of international legitimacy and the activation of the political and diplomatic struggle at all levels.

Ambassador Abu Aita spoke at length about the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people, stressing that what is happening now in the Gaza Strip is an attempt by the occupation to establish a new Nakba, no different from the Nakba of 1948. He explained in the context: “The Zionist occupation is working to forcibly displace the Palestinian people, by committing unprecedented crimes,” noting that since the beginning of the brutal aggression, more than 1.2 million Palestinians have been displaced from northern Gaza to its south, where all conditions of life are being denied to them. But he goes on to say: “The Palestinian people are steadfast and cling to their land, and the Zionist occupation will leave Palestine just as the French occupation left Algeria.”

He added: “The Palestinian people are the target, and it is true that the battle is taking place in Gaza, but it was also fought in the West Bank, because the occupation wants to uproot the Palestinian people from their land, so it is carrying out genocide and full-fledged crimes.”

The same diplomat believes that the reason for the madness of the Zionist entity and what the so-called criminal prime minister of the occupation is doing is “an attempt to cover up its failure in everything and he will be held accountable for all its crimes” because it “lives on the blood of the Palestinians.” He called for providing protection to the people of Palestine and stopping this unjust aggression. This is devastation and destruction.

He finally concluded that, despite the bleakness of the scene and the great suffering, the Palestinian people “did not kneel and will not surrender, no matter the size of the conspiracies, no matter how long or short the time.”

Participants in the forum stressed the importance of pursuing the Zionist entity before the International Criminal Court and prosecuting the leaders of the occupation for these crimes.

They also regretted the inability of the international community to protect the Palestinian people, and the failure of the Arab countries to take “serious” steps to pressure the occupation to stop this aggression, praising the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the face of the aggression that “crossed all red lines.”

By the way, the Palestinian community in Algeria honored the mujahid and fighter for the Palestinian cause, Hajj Muhammad al-Taher Abdel Salam, with an olive tree, in recognition of his pioneering role in defending the just Palestinian cause.



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