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“Israel’s” allies also bear responsibility for the genocide and humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip


Geneva – Independent UN experts and special rapporteurs confirmed yesterday, Thursday, that the allies of the Zionist entity also bear responsibility for the genocide and humanitarian catastrophe occurring in the Gaza Strip, expressing “deep frustration with the Zionist occupation’s refusal to stop plans to destroy the besieged Gaza Strip.”

The independent UN experts said in a joint statement today: “We remain convinced that the Palestinian people are at risk of genocide,” adding that “the allies of the Zionist entity also bear responsibility and must act immediately to prevent the consequences of its disastrous course of action.”

Experts expressed “increasing horror” at the Zionist air raids on the Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza, the day before Tuesday, which resulted in hundreds of martyrs and wounded Palestinians, and described them as a flagrant violation of international law.

The joint statement added, “The Zionist air strike on a residential complex in the Jabalia refugee camp is a blatant violation of international law and a war crime,” noting that attacking a camp housing civilians, including women and children, is a “complete violation” of the rules of proportionality and distinction between combatants and civilians.

The experts welcomed the General Assembly’s decision on protecting civilians and adhering to legal and humanitarian obligations, which was approved by an overwhelming majority of member states on October 27, but at the same time they warned that “all signs indicate that we have reached a breaking point.”

Experts confirmed that the situation in Gaza has reached a “catastrophic turning point,” alerting to the urgent need for food, water, medicine, fuel and basic supplies and the looming health risks, stressing that the absence of fuel and the disruption of water infrastructure due to continuous bombing over three weeks has destroyed Access to safe drinking water for residents of Gaza.

The experts expressed grave concern about the safety of UN staff, humanitarian workers, hospitals and schools that provide refuge and life-saving medical services to the residents of Gaza. They also sounded the alarm about the safety of journalists, media workers and their family members, noting that the Internet and communications have been cut off, disrupting basic communications and reporting on the situation in Gaza. The Zionist occupation continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank for the 27th day in a row, as the death toll of martyrs and wounded has risen to 9,159 martyrs and more than 24,000 wounded, according to what the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported On Thursday.

The Statement added that during the daily report issued by the Ministry that 9,025 martyrs died in the Gaza Strip, and in the West Bank, the number of martyrs rose to 134 since the seventh of last October, indicating that more than 73 percent of the martyrs were children, women, and the elderly.



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