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The international community strongly condemns the brutal attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist occupation forces


Algeria – The brutal bombing carried out by the Zionist occupation on Tuesday evening on the Al-Ahly Arab Hospital in Gaza City, which led to the death and injury of 500 Palestinian citizens, according to what medical sources reported, witnessed widespread Arab and international condemnation, which it considered “genocide against the defenseless Palestinian people.”

In a statement by the Presidency of the Republic, Algeria strongly condemned the deliberate attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip by the occupation forces, calling on the international community, humanitarian organizations and the global conscience to intervene immediately to stop such barbaric acts that blatantly violate international humanitarian law and the most basic human values.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeina, “strongly” condemned the heinous crime committed by the Zionist occupation by bombing the Arab National Hospital in Gaza City, explaining that a large number of innocent civilian victims fell in a hospital that was supposed to have immunity, stressing that the administration The occupation does not respect any international standards and recognized laws.

The Arab League also condemned the Zionist bombing of Al-Ahly Al-Arabi Hospital (Al-Mamadani) in Gaza City. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League, asked in a statement, “What kind of mind in hell is the one who intentionally bombs a hospital with its defenseless occupants ?” adding, “the criminals will not escape with their actions, the West must stop this tragedy immediately.”

Canada, for its part, said in the words of its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, that the Zionist entity’s bombing of a hospital in Gaza was “horrific and completely unacceptable.” As a result of this brutal bombing, various areas in the occupied West Bank witnessed on Tuesday evening confrontations between Palestinians and the Zionist occupation forces against the backdrop of the massacre committed by the Zionist warplanes in the Gaza Strip by bombing a hospital and killing hundreds of unarmed civilians.

Jordan decided not to hold the quadripartite summit, which was scheduled to bring together Jordanian King Abdullah II with US President Joe Biden, Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas, and Egyptian Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in Amman on Wednesday.

Ayman Al-Safadi, Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in television statements to the Kingdom of Jordan channel yesterday evening, “The visit of US President Joe Biden to Amman tomorrow, Wednesday, will not take place, and the quadripartite summit that was to be held in Amman will not be held now.”

A four-way summit was scheduled to be held today in Amman to discuss the dangerous developments in Gaza and their repercussions on the region, and to work towards finding a political horizon that will revive the peace process.



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