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Palestinian Foreign Ministry: The occupation is committing genocide in Gaza using internationally banned weapons


Ramallah (Occupied Palestine) – Today, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the crimes of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which were committed by the Zionist war machine, using internationally prohibited weapons, including phosphorous, cluster, and others. The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) quoted the Foreign Ministry’s press statement, in which it said that these crimes affect everything in the Gaza Strip and have so far led to the death of 973 Palestinians and more than 5,000 wounded, “and they are increasing rapidly with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of citizens from their homes and the registration of Huge numbers of homes, buildings, institutions and facilities were razed to the ground and demolished, either partially or completely.”

It added, “The crimes of murder, destruction, and displacement mean that the occupation is committing the crime of genocide against Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip, in light of a frenzied starvation campaign and cutting off supplies and basic needs (electricity, water, medicine, fuel, etc.) for defenseless civilian citizens, in the ugliest forms of collective punishment.” .

It also strongly condemned the murders and attacks committed by the occupation forces and armed settler militias against Palestinian citizens, their land, homes, holy sites, property and vehicles in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

It stressed that the occupation is exploiting the support of some countries “to commit the most heinous forms of crimes and implement pre-prepared plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause and replace the culture of peace and its logic with the culture of wars and the arrogance of force.

It is exploiting this war to deepen its denial of the existence of the Palestinian people and their just and legitimate national rights, foremost of which is their right to self-determination, under the guise of “From international parties that have not done anything, so far, regarding the crimes documented by cameras, screens, and the media that rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The Foreign Ministry indicated that these international parties “are drowning in miserable double standards and double standards in their dealings with international conflicts and crises, in a way that is unfair to international law, international legitimacy, its decisions, and the remaining credibility of the United Nations.”

It stressed that the continuous escalation in bombing, destruction and killing is a Zionist “disdain” for the positions of some countries that direct their demands to the occupation, regarding the necessity of adhering to international law.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry renewed its demand for urgent international action to immediately stop this “crazy” Zionist aggression, ensure the urgent entry of basic needs to the people of the Gaza Strip, and activate the international protection system for the Palestinian people living under occupation.



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