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Reform of the Security Council: President Tebboune underlines the importance of accelerating international negotiations


NEW YORK- The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed, Tuesday in New York, that the acceleration of international negotiations concerning the reform of the Security Council according to a global and integrated approach should be a priority for the international community , in order to reach a consensus on a real reform guaranteeing more transparent representation.

“Faced with geopolitical conflicts and multiple crises, the Security Council has stepped back in fulfilling its central role in recent years, this role which was at the heart of the UN and whose main purposes have been summarized by the UN Charter which entrusts the Council with the responsibility of maintaining international peace and security, in particular by prohibiting the use of force and eliminating causes threatening peace”, underlined the President of the Republic in his intervention during the 78th session of the ordinary General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations (UN).

President Tebboune also noted that “any approach aimed at strengthening joint international action must respond to growing calls for greater dynamics in a multipolar order.”

This objective, he continues, involves “a global reform of the main organs of the Organization so as to make them more transparent, ensuring the necessary balance between these organs and guaranteeing equitable geographical distribution between the States”.

The President of the Republic also mentioned “Algeria’s commitment to the common African position” to “put an end to the historical injustice that has affected the African continent.” This is why, continues President Tebboune, the reactivation of the pivotal role of the UN General Assembly, “as a body truly representative of the diversity of members of the international community”, constitutes “a key element for strengthen equality between States and lay the foundations of a true democracy.”

With this in mind, the President of the Republic affirmed that Algeria was working so that “dialogue and debate between us are a crucial demand for which our people have fought with a view to a world marked by coexistence, solidarity, cooperation and equality among nations.

Furthermore, he highlighted the consequences of conflicts and crises around the world, which have reached an “unprecedented” level, with millions of displaced people and a transformation of international relations, moving from cooperation and convergence confrontation, thus putting international organizations and institutions to the test in a global context marked by a multidimensional emergency.



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