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UN|UNCOPS|Badawi participates in the Fourth International Summit of Police Chiefs


Algeria – The Director General of National Security, Mr. Ali Badawi, participated on Wednesday and Thursday, accompanied by a delegation from the Ministry of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Development and a representative of the National Gendarmerie Command, in the work of the Fourth International Summit of Police Chiefs in New York, according to what was reported today Friday, in a statement released by the General Directorate of National Security.

During the opening session of the summit, the Director General of National Security delivered a speech in which he expressed “Algeria’s appreciation for the efforts and sacrifices of members of the UN peacekeeping missions, noting Algeria’s efforts to develop and modernize its national security institutions to adapt their ability to confront new and emerging threats, especially cyber threats.” As explained by the same source.

In this context – the statement adds –

Mr. Badawi stressed that “Algeria, as the host country of the African Union Police Cooperation Mechanism (AFRIPOL), supports the idea of assigning a greater role to the African Union in the field of enhancing cooperation between African police institutions,” as it is “fully prepared To strengthen bilateral cooperation frameworks with various partners, to share its extensive experience in combating all types of threats.”

At the end of his intervention, the Director General of National Security stressed that Algeria, “as a reliable security partner with extensive experience in combating crime of all kinds, remains committed to contributing to regional and international efforts aimed at strengthening innovative and effective partnerships to confront the plans of extremist criminal groups.”

It is noteworthy that, on the sidelines of this summit, and in the presence of the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations, Mr. Ammar Ben Jama, the Director General of National Security held bilateral meetings with the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in charge of peace operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, and the Slovenian Deputy Chief of Police, José Senica. , as well as the Director-General of Police for Zimbabwe, Tandabantu Godwin Matanga.

These talks discussed “ways to enhance police partnership and cooperation, through training and transferring expertise and technology to address various forms of transnational crime,” according to the same source.

In the same context, the Director-General of National Security exchanged views with the Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security, Gilles Michaud, on “opportunities to intensify cooperation between Algeria and the United Nations with regard to securing the United Nations headquarters,” expressing “the readiness of the Algerian police to support the efforts of the United Nations in the field of Targeted training for United Nations police officers.

He also had talks with the Deputy Director General of the Norwegian Police, which revolved around “frameworks for bilateral cooperation between the two sides in combating crime,” as well as another meeting with the Deputy Director of Swedish Security, Stefan Hector, centered around “ways to strengthen cooperation and exchange information in the police field.”

The two parties agreed to “establish a framework for exchanging experiences in confronting multifaceted security challenges,” as included in the statement.



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